My trip to Iowa State

On my trip to Iowa State I got to go to S.T.E.M (science, technology,engineering, mathematics). I got to see how virtual reality works, I got to see the buildings that the students use for there work, we got to talk about all the clubs the collage has and will have. I want to come to this place for collage when I go to collage. We got to eat at the cafe and let me tell you, I was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted, even better than my moms food ( please oh god don´t tell here that) and the drinks were so tasty I could live of this place for years! But after that I got lost from my group so I stuck with the other group and we built towers out of gumdrops and spaghetti! We won the tallest tower but lost in the strongest but it was so much fun! We went to the gift shop afterward to get stuff but I did not have any money so I did not get anything. We got on the bus and drove back to the school but we missed the buses so the vice-prince able drive me and Demetrius home.  So, in the end all I can say is, It was one wild day.

Genius Hour

For my genius hour project I am doing it on FEAR and I want to tell you if you have a fear of something, please post it on my site so I can get more ideas, thank you.

Spring Break

The first thing I did once I got out of the school was sleep for as long as I could, being me that was the rest of the day and part of the next day. I spent the rest of the 2nd day was play video games (fallout 3). I got some presents from my dad that lives in New Hampshire, I got Skyrim and Minecraft. I went right upstairs and put minecraft in, I played it for 3 hours and then I started to play skyrim, I played that for 3 to 4 hours, ate some supper and went to bed ( I stayed up all night and played my new games that I got from my dad). In the morning I got up and had a sandwich (salami) and played outside with my little sisters for about 2 hours, we stayed up late and had a movie night with the whole family. I went to bed a few hours later and fell of my bed (not one of my better nights I might add). After all that it was finally Easter, but me being 14 now I cant get to go on Easter egg hunts,  so I helped my mom hide all the eggs(I hope my sisters don´t read this). It was a fun spring break, I will tell you that much;)


end of blogs

i think i did really well with my blog with the whole story line blogs and everything, my blogs can have a certain  mood change to people, they have a story line that makes sense, and i know i cant post something every day but i try to fill in as much as possible.

Irish life

It´s true I have always loved bugs but that all changed when mantis came to my castle. He was evil to begin with but he always had a way of getting out of it. I got suspicious one night when he was walking threw the castle and woke me up, I crept all over the castle and found him at the front door with orcs he handed them a sack of coins and he got a bag of siren dust, siren dust makes anyone who gets it thrown at almost instantaneously goes under a spell, then it hit me he was trying to get the castle for himself by hitting me with the siren dust. I quietly ran back to my bedroom and grabbed my sword and bow and when I returned he was gone, just then I felt something overwhelm me, it was the siren dust, I turned around to see him right behind me ¨ the castle is mine now king Matthias¨ how do you know my name, to tell everything in your sleep but before I take over the castle I have one question, rose, who is she? it….it was a person i knew…a very specil person, ONE YOU WILL EVER FIND! I break free of the dust and grab my sword and aimed for the arm that had the dust, AARRRGGG, his arm is on the outside gate to tell everyone that even siren dust can not stop me and that you should let someone else try to attack the castle before you end up the same way. And that was the day mantises were never alawed in the castle agian. In the next post…… rose i will find you!, you look like you need some help, whats your name?, stop in the name of the king are you OK child?, HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA


5828117129_d2487fcc39_bMy favorite type of animalimages (1) is a reptile being as though I always wanted one as a pet. When I was 12 I got a present of a frilled eyelash lizard. I named him Maxwell and he was my friend, we would walk around together and have fun, until the day came. My uncle had to baby sit him, my uncle is a smoker so he likes to smoke indoors so Maxwell suffocated and died when I came home to my uncle sitting in a disappointed manner, he told me the news and I ran upstairs to see him ,  I opened the cage to see him lying there with his mouth wide open, I took him out and cried into him, I never in my life have ever felt so sad, I loved him so much. A few years later I still misted him so much, he was what kept me going for me to know if I can take care of something it would mean something to me, like how my mom takes care of me so I might have kids one day. But what she did not know, was I really had one, Maxwell I love you so much:(

Irish food

Being Irish I bet you know what I eat, Potato’s! my heritage loves them spuds and how they eat them is endless my mom eats them baked and stuffed, my dad eats them grilled of mashed, and I don’t know why but my sister likes french fries but doesn’t like potatoes! Me I like them any way I just like potatoes! I worked in a potato farm never having a girl to love then one day at the pub I saw her, Her name was Amy and she was magnificent she had golden hair and bright blue eyes. I loved her but she did not love me back so I- I can’t remember what happened after that. Anyway I also like sea salt candy because to me its Delicious!!!